If you have any questions not covered below, please don't hesitate to contact Katrina.

Bases and Prices


83/17 Polyester/Spandex, 280gsm, 150cm wide

Retail only: $35.00/m

Bamboo Lycra (BL)

97/3 Bamboo/Lycra, 240gsm, 165cm wide * 

Preorder: $34.50/m

Retail: $38.50/m


100% Polyester, 110gsm, 150cm wide

Preorder: $32.00/m

Retail: $35.00/m


100% Cotton, 250gsm, 150cm wide

Preorder only: $32.00/m

Cotton Lycra (CL)

95/5 Cotton/Lycra, 220-230gsm, 150cm wide

Preorder: $34.50/m

Retail: $38.50/m

French Terry (FT)

97/3 Cotton/Lycra, 260gsm, 150cm wide

Preorder: $35.50/m

Retail: $39.50/m


88/12 Polyester/Spandex, 245gsm, 150cm wide

Retail only: $35.00/m


100% Cotton, 145gsm, 150cm wide *

Preorder: $32.00/m

Retail: $35.00/m

* Woven and Bamboo Lycra are only ordered if we get to 15y (14m) of a design.

If you would like to purchase 14m or more of any single design, please contact Katrina for pricing.

Round Updates

Updates for rounds can be found here.

Print Your Own Design

Printing your own design on fabric can be easy, fun, AND addictive, once you know how.

Your order can be added to any MarbleNZ preorder, but needs to be paid for, in full, before it is sent to the printer. Preorders close on the 15th of each month, and orders placed with printer between the 16th and the 20th. It’s best to be sorted by the 15th so you don’t miss getting in that round.

The minimum to print is 1m and must be in 1m increments, so no 0.5’s are able to be done (remember you can always destash your leftovers if you want!).

Bases and pricing you can print 1m on are: ricing as at 1st January 2020

  • Cotton Lycra - 95/5 cotton/lycra - 220 - 230gsm - 150cm wide - $38.50
  • French Terry - 93/7 cotton/lycra - 240gsm - 150cm wide - $39.50
  • Canvas - 100% cotton - 250gsm - 150cm wide - $32.00
  • Supplex - 83/17 Poly/lycra - 280gsm - 150cm wide - $35.00
  • Boardshort - 100% polyester - 110gsm - 150cm wide - $35.00

Woven and Bamboo have 14m minimums of the same design, in order to be printed. Prices for this is dependent on the base fabric used, but is normally between $300-$320 per 10m.

If you are wanting to print 14m or more, then please contact Katrina for pricing at katrina@marblenzfabrics.co.nz

The file you need is a ‘digital seamless’ file. Any other file will not print correctly and they will print with gaps and/or the patterns will not match up.

You can first start by going to the ‘Etsy’ website. You can also write whatever you are looking for there too (eg. digital seamless florals).

Once you have received the file, it can be emailed to: Katrina@marblenzfabrics.co.nz and she will invoice you, just as she would with the preorder. You can lay-by, BUT this needs to be paid for, in full, before it is sent to the printer. 

You can choose to print your file in a 6x6 (mini), 12x12 (standard), or 24x24 (large) size.

If you are unsure whether the design your choosing is ‘seamless’, then please don't hesitate to contact either Katrina Harman or Jen Rush Ford, and we can help you with this, before you purchase the file.

We have made a picture tutorial to help you through the process of finding seamless designs. You will find that here.

The file remains your property, and will be deleted from Katrina’s files, once printed product has been received by you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Turn Around Times

Rounds open on the 1st of the month, and close on the 15th of that month, at 8pm. Turn around times are 6-8 weeks max, from the 20th of the month.

Lay-by Terms

A 20% or $20 down payment is needed at the time of ordering, and then payments over the following 6 weeks. Payment must be completed before preorder will be shipped. There will be a $2 processing fee for lay-by. 🦒

Lay-by for Printing Your Own

You can lay-by, BUT this needs to be paid for, in full, before it is sent to the printer.


We do our best to get your items shipped out as fast as we can but we are only human so please allow 7 days for your order to be shipped out. 

MarbleNZ use Pass the Parcel courier around New Zealand. Pricing is subject to change due to changes on the PTP website from time to time. Small is $6.00, Medium is $7.60, Large $9.30. Rural Delivery is an extra $1.90 per parcel. If your fabric requires a box you will be invoiced on arrival.

International customers will be shipped through NZ Post. You can find information here regarding it. We recommend that we ship at the International Courier Rate as it’s the cheapest tracked option. IF your parcel is under 2kg and you would like to use the non tracked, that is fine. Please be aware that MarbleNZ will not be held liable in the case of the package going missing.


We recommend you check your fabric as soon as you receive it, as sometimes flaws do get missed. You have 7 days to contact Marblenz fabrics regarding any flaws.

Most bases are printed on a 150cm so anything within 5cm of the selvage is not considered a flaw.

Anything that can be covered with a 20c coin is not considered a flaw. Sometimes imperfections can happen with digital printing. If big flaws are found, MarbleNZ will be in touch regarding your order.


You have 7 days from receiving your fabric to contact MarbleNZ fabrics regarding any issues with your fabric. Washing or cutting your fabric will void any refunds.


Refunds can be processed if it is over the turnaround time. Any other refunds are at the discretion of MarbleNZ Fabrics.

Please Note

Unfortunately our 10m minimum printer have increased their MOQ to 15 yards as from 20/10/19. So pricing and minimums has increased for this option. It can still be done, so don’t panic! Bases include CL, FT, Woven, Swim and Bamboo.