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This Mask has 2 layers of woven fabric with an opening to place a filter in between the layers.

This Mask is reusable.

This Mask is washable.

This Mask is intended to have a filter used with it, and comes with 1. You can make your own filters, see the link below.  We also sell filters in packs of 10. Do not wash with filter inside Mask.

This Mask has a nose wire - just like a disposable mask.

This Mask is approximately 17cm wide x 9.3cm, expandable to 16cm - Just like a disposable mask.

 This Mask has ear elastic.  It does not have elastic adjusters.

Easy to wear with Glasses, as they will sit over the top of the bridge.

Some great reading is this article

 This Mask has been imported.  They are not from AliExpress, They are from one of my Fabric Printers.

These Masks are not to replace surgical masks.