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Our masks are made from 100% quilting cotton with a tight weave. Sandwiched with a layer of tightly woven interfacing, similar to one layer PPE facemasks.

Sizing  -

Youth M

Youth L 13cm

Adult M 17cm

Adult L 


Some great reading is this article


These Masks are not to replace surgical masks.

This mask comes with 75cm of 3mm elastic.  It will not be tied so that you can make the fit exactly to your measurements.  There is enough elastic to either do one long strand like in the pictures or you can cot the elastic in half and make it so they only go over your ears.

Easy to wear with Glasses, as they will sit over the top of the bridge.


Whist this product is in Stock, the quantity below is for the amount I can make from this fabric. There may be a 3-5 working day turnaround to finish this product.